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Handsome Maximum Overdrive (Max)


Peanut's sire, Tucker... striking!

Puppy love!

We were very please with what CH Vermillion's Maximum Overdrive WC brought to our line; good rugged structure, excellent temperament!

This is Penny as a newborn.  She now lives in Finland and is making a big splash in their show rings.

Of this litter world renowned Toller expert Alison Strang said;

"His (Hollywood) puppies with Hali are among the best I have seen in a 34-year Toller breeder "career.""

AKC/NSDTRC CH HoneyRun Patriot Games SH

We discovered "Hollywood" at the 2014 US National Specialty.  When he walked into the ring we sat bolt upright and looked up his number!  "There's the one!!" we said.

As I got to know Hollywood it became clear, not only does he have the looks and drive, his personality and temperament are just like Hali's!

AKC/CKC CH TollerPride Duchess of Halifax AKC/CKC CD RA
Hali comes from a long line of driven performance Tollers. Smart, fast, biddable and sweet as they come.


Piper is always happiest when water is involved!

She gave us 17 beautiful puppies over 3 litters.  We are proud of them all and our lives have been enriched from knowing the families enjoying her offspring.


Ever wonder what the term "responsible breeder" means?  Check it out;


Family photos;

TollerPride Family Photos and Videos

And to see a video of Storm & Hali at 2.5 years of age still playing like puppies click here;


And for a video of the last litter go to


If you are interested in a puppy please go to Questionnaire fill it out, save it and email it back to heather@tollerpride.com or john@tollerpride.com -- Give us a call at 604-377-0526 if you have any questions.

All puppies are vaccinated before they are released to their forever homes.  The vaccinations are distemper & parvovirus.  They also receive their first deworming with Panacur.

I want to thank John Simonson of Corvallis Oregon for pointing out this quote;

"Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.

But performance indicates what the animal actually is."
  - Anonymous

Piper (left) with 6 month old sons Taylor (center) and Sunny (right) - Photo taken by Sarah Burlingame and posted with permission.

In the meantime make sure you research Tollers at http://www.toller.ca and http://www.toller.org

Also make certain you ask any breeder for health clearances that relate to the breed you decide on.  For Tollers go to http://toller-l.org/tollerdata/default.asp before acquiring a puppy.  If you are not comfortable with a kennel's response to your health inquiries, move on.  There are a number of reputable breeders to pick from.

Above is Chablis (left) and Rondinella (right and now called Zoey) at 5 weeks.

Perhaps your situation opens you to the possibility of "rescuing" a Toller in need.  Go to toller.ca/rescue.html  to learn more.  Many purebred organizations have similar programs.  Or if you do not need a purebred dog we strongly urge you to consider going to your local pound. These organizations have many suitable options for your family. Google SPCA and your home province or country to learn more.

One last thought; do your homework and beware of improper breeding methodology and the peddler of dogs from puppy-mills.  Google “oprah puppy mills” to watch on video on why you must avoid puppy-mills and Google "pedigree dogs exposed" a BBC documentary explaining the potential pitfalls of breeding just for for looks.

To the left is Chianti (left and now called Taylor - see above at 6 months), Brunello (centre & now called Sunny - see above at 6 months) and Syrah (right) at 4 weeks of age.